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Are you tired of trying to get paid local leads via traditional advertising methods such as billboard advertising, radio jingles, TV ads, etc.? Perhaps you have spent a fortune to print flyers hoping to get leads for your roofer service but have little results to show for it. If this is you, it is high time you employe digital marketing agency for Roofers
Aero Marketing is the solution provider you seek. We use well-executed digital marketing strategies to take a roofer’s service to the next level. All the strategies we use have been carefully tested and proven to take your roofing business to the top. We pride ourselves in knowing the roofing industry, and we can help you become the ‘go-to’ roofer service in your local area.

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About the Roofing Industry

The roofing industry – in the United States – currently has a market size of up to $51.9 billion in 2021. Roofers are now the most employed within the Construction industry. The lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak affected the industry’s growth in no small measure.
But rapid urbanization, significant advancement within the construction industry, as well as innovations in technology are crucial factors that keep driving the growth of the roofing market.
The demand for roofing products has also increased thanks to technological developments such as eco-friendly materials, green roofing, drones for roof inspections, etc.
The roofing industry may be a cutthroat one, but it is now easier to impress homeowners while reaching your financial goals using improved tools and digital marketing strategies.
Roofing systems have multiple moving pieces with several factors to consider, such as project estimation, proper training, technology, materials, etc. Nevertheless, good times are ahead for roofers.
Staying on top of what is currently happening in the roofing industry will help your business stay on top of your unique game. This is why you should check out the statistics in the next section.

Why Choose (Aero Marketing) to Grow Your Business?

Finding new leads can be time-consuming, expensive, and an uphill task. In many cases, the conventional methods you use bring in nothing, which can be frustrating.
But it doesn’t have to be. If you want to successfully book more jobs than you can handle as a roofer service provider, Aero Marketing is your plug.
Aero Marketing is a professional digital marketing Agency for roofers specializing in getting highly-qualified leads and keeping your business one step ahead of competitors. We use the latest, proven digital marketing strategies that will bring business to your doorstep as soon as today.
We have helped lots of businesses that offer roofer services over the years. Our tried-and-tested methods work, which is why we are still in business today.
You do not have to stress yourself learning all the basics about new roofing marketing tactics to deploy. Let us handle that part for you while you concentrate on the quality leads we send your way.
Check out the numerous digital marketing services we offer in the next section.

Digital Marketing Services for your Roofing Business


Our SEO service is top-notch and guaranteed to place your roofer service on the first page of major search engines like Google, Bing, etc.  Learn more about the Service 


Do you even own a roofing website, or do you own one, but it looks outdated? If you want to stay at the top of your game, you need to fix this today. Potential clients always judge the book by the cover, and your unique website will push them to decide to work with you.  Lear More

Social Media Marketing

If you want to market your roofer services this year, you can’t do without social media. This is because everyone uses social media. If your business doesn’t have official social media pages, you will be leaving lots of hard cash on the table.
We will handle your Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter marketing to drive targeted leads to your official website. Learn More

Pay-Per-Click Ads

This is a highly cost-effective method of marketing your roofer service. Pay Per Click ads relay factual information about your business directly to your target audience. It also helps your official website significantly improve its search engine rankings for specific and relevant keywords.

Lead Generation Ad Campaigns

We run lead generation ad campaigns to find your target market and obtain helpful information from them.
What is more, you get to pay only for the leads that convert to customers! You won’t find this offer anywhere else except at Aero Marketing.

Local SEO

Your local presence is a crucial cog in all the marketing efforts we deploy for your roofer business. Let’s use local keyword research to solidify your presence within your local area or geo market.
Your local target market will find your roofer service easily when they enter specific search terms or keywords on Google, Bing, etc.

Content Writing

Take advantage of our innovative, client-driven content writing service, which informs prospective customers about your roofer service. We use content writing to reach future clients and shoppers in all buying funnel stages using our data-driven, progressive digital marketing services.

Next Door Advertising

We know how to use Nextdoor ads to promote local deals, increase brand awareness, and reach new customers. This is one of the best and most ingenious ways to share your brand’s unique story, share information about your roofer service, engage with your target community, etc.
Aero Marketing is the only digital marketing expert you can talk to today about your roofer service. We understand the roofing industry and are certified professionals at generating high-quality leads for you!

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Interesting Facts about Roofing Industry

  • The roofing industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.9 percent, according to
  • The search term ‘roof repair’ reached the highest peak or interest point in July 2021. – Google Trends.
  • Up to 78 percent of roofing specialists believe the growth of commercial roofing sales will continually increase beyond 2021. – Kingdom Roofing.
  • Roof replacements significantly dominate the market in North America. It is above 90 percent of the market in value (91 percent) and volume (94 percent) as existing buildings keep aging, and the need to replace old roofs with new ones continue to grow. – BBC Research.
  • Regarding market size, roofing holds the 16th position among construction industry market size. Within the United States in general, it is 196th. – IBS World.
  • The largest workforce group within the roofing industry can be found in the extraction and construction occupations. – CSCE.
  • As of 2021, up to 108,069 roofing companies exist within the United States, a 1.6 percent increase from 2020. – IBS World.
  • Over 90 percent of the market is from roof replacement alone, with the total value of replacements slightly above 90 percent. – OneDesk.
Marketing for roofers

As you can see, the need for roofing services is on the increase and show zero signs of slowing down anytime soon. This makes the landscape highly competitive. But if you want to stay on top in this industry, you have to adopt revolutionary digital marketing strategies. These strategies will put your roofer business ahead of your competitors, and you will keep getting qualified leads every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a business on multiple digital platforms on the internet. Which includes SEO, PPC- Pay per click Advertisement (google/bing), social media Management and Ads (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter), and Email Marketing

It’s a Strategic marketing plan to reach, engage, and retain customers online with the brand. A good Digital Marketing plan comprises an in-depth analysis of your targeted customer and personas and a digital platform that focuses on the customer that spends time online. A good strategy has 2 ingredients, Paid and Organic, combination of both plays a vital role in making a successful marketing strategy. And then last not least, DATA, which is measured and analyzed with the help of data analytic tools (google analytics and etc) which helps to monitor and optimize your advertising and help measure your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to measure the success of your business goals.

In order to develop and grow a business, an investment in digital marketing is essential and cannot be ignored.
Our mission is to ensure the business grows and generates high profits. When partnering with a good digital agency and budgeting the campaign, there are two factors.

  1. Media Publishers Budget such as Google and Facebook, Ads help to increase traffic, visibility and pushes the targeted customer to take action but there is cost associated with that, and that amount directly goes to the media publishers and doesn’t touches our hands, business/personal credit card is charged which is attach to the platform.
  2. Fee for handling the Digital marketing campaign? Some agencies charge parentage of the budget and some charge fixed flat rates.

At Aero Marketing our aim is to provide Exceptional and best digital marketing services to our customers which helps them to grow, hence we work on a Flat rate model, this not only gives our esteem customers competitive value pricing but also is the best way to accomplish business goals.

Digital Marketing agencies have a customized strategy for every type of project. Creative design, Branding, social media services (Facebook, Pinterest Instagram, LinkedIn) PPC advertisement, Search engine optimization, website development, and designing are the services offered by the Digital marketing agencies and animated videos. The thumb rule is, any good digital marketing agency will come up with a tailor-made customized strategy for the business and then execute that strategy on the Digital platform for business growth. Thus digital marketing agencies plays a vital role in boosting business growth by spending less.
At Aero Marketing, we ensure to come with a custom plan that suits your business needs as every business is different and special, this not only helps us to focus more but also helps the business goals in a timely manner.

Our team will engage in the purpose of sowing the seed of ‘imperial’ business to cultivate it through the best reputation of your business in your customers though, it is a long term process but the nurturing phase of the business has to be very conscious and proactive.
Following are the benefits that you will get from choosing Aero Marketing as your success Partner:

  • Google and Hub spot Certified Experts
  • Tailored Marketing strategy
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • In-house Certified advertising Experts
  • Copywriting and content Experts
  • In-house designing team
  • The best Web development team
  • In-house SEO experts
  • Tracking your return on investment
  • Performance and analysis results for the month