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Are you looking for a way to market and generate leads for your lawn care business?  The growing interest in landscaping and a boom in the real estate industry are factors that are likely to increase the growth of the lawn care business. Along with its development, the business is facing new trends including different marketing procedures that now play an important role for any lawn care business to generate leads and grab potential clients. Technology has had a huge impact on how customers respond to physical and digital lawn care marketing. With the help of physical and digital marketing for lawn care businesses, companies have more opportunities to attract customers for their business.

Aeromarekting’s marketing approach is unique, we understand the lawn care and landscaping industry. We have the ability to develop the best marketing campaigns to reach your targeted audience. We have experience in landscaping, and we understand that the lawn care business requires attention to detail while marketing it. Our business strives to make the best marketing strategies that drive traffic to your site, so important things can get your undivided attention such as running your lawn care business. Our digital marketing helps your lawn care company stay ahead of the competition by reliably communicating your effectiveness and reliability. As a digital marketing company for lawn care businesses providing leads to businesses throughout the United States, we have made a strategy that makes your yard care business grow at an exponential rate. We have years of experience helping landscaping and lawn care businesses to achieve their business goals. 

digital marketing for lawn care

About the lawn care & landscaping industry 

A typical landscaping business offers the services of cutting grasses, trimming the edges of the bushes, removing the debris from the lawn, and the maintenance of turf, which includes treatment, weed control, pest control, fertilization, and watering of plants. It is an evergreen industry that will constantly have its position in the economy. The lawn care business revolves around keeping the greenery managed and looking great. If you own a landscaping business, you are your own boss, and you can commit a lot or a brief period to the business as you want. On average, you can net about $80,000 every year in income by maintaining a garden care business. 

Starting a landscaping business can be a fulfilling and rewarding profession if you can get it going. Most yard care business commonly ranges from $5,000 – $8,000 to get started. This business can be pretty much as basic as trimming yards or as perplexing as tearing up grass to introduce a beautiful landscaping scene. The important abilities and information can be obtained through experience or books, or you might take courses provided by local schools before starting a lawn care business.

Why Choose (Aero Marketing) to Grow Your Business?

At Aero marketing, we carry out a proven, results-driven digital marketing strategy that will drive new and repeated customers to your lawn care business. We keep an eye on the landscaping industry trends to ensure that our digital marketing for lawn care program meets your business’s needs and fulfill its goals. Our marketing team has all the information about lawn care business to assess your current marketing campaign and recommend techniques to enhance it to get your business listed and ranked in the top results on the search engines in your town or city. We offer many different marketing solutions to promote your lawn care services or pest removal services online or physically. 

Our company’s goal is to get the right clients for your business. Working with us means you hire a group of experts without the worries of paying training, benefits, or salaries. We provide you with a customized plan that helps your lawn care business to generate leads and boost your brand awareness. Our digital marketing company will assist your business with getting heavy traffic to your website with proven marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing Services for your lawn & landscaping business


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most common way to boost your landscaping or yard care business both online and offline, driving organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing to your website. We provide SEO for the lawn care business. It is one of the important pillars of marketing. We have specific services and techniques that we have proven to work many times. Our SEO team uses research-based strategies to increase your brand’s visibility in the online marketplace and increase its leads, and website visitors, which eventually grows your business. Learn more about the Service 


Having a professional and engaging website that is properly coded is very important for a gardening business. Aeromarketing has expertise in planning websites for greenkeepers that are lovely as well as ranked top in internet search results, which converts your website’s visitors into clients. Our website development and custom designs use proven strategies that will drive a lot of organic traffic to your traffic. We make sure that your website attracts local customers and will work on all devices. Lear More

Social Media Marketing

Social media is growing rapidly and plays an undeniably important role in the way customers and companies communicate and interact. Our social media experts make your ads locally visible. We target specific business sectors and demographics. Our team’s expertise in social media marketing allows us to create custom strategies and techniques for growing brand awareness, its visibility, and driving the conversion of leads through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Tiktok, etc. Learn More

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Get an edge over your competition with Aeromarketing PPC experts. Lawn care PPC can help you increase conversions even further, and those sales will in turn grow your gardening business. We know your business and have a long history of helping lawn care businesses by improving their PPC advertising performance. learn more about PPC advertisment 

Lead Generation Ad Campaigns

Lead generation service is the act of generating potential leads for your service, product, or company. Our company develops and uses the best programs for your lawn care business, thereby increasing the level of customer interest. Our company’s goal is to provide first-class, reliable lead generation service to lawn care companies

Local SEO

Local SEO is the most common way of marketing your lawn care business for ideal exposure in the search results when a locally based search occurs on the search engine. We combine innovative and friendly search engine practices to help your local lawn care business reach and be found by your ideal customers. Many local gardening companies rely on local SEO to reach the majority of their customers. Our local SEO services empower your business to get listed on the search results with a higher ranking than your competitors.

Content Writing

Aeromarketing furnishes your business with high-level content that converts leads and draws in more organic traffic to your lawn care website. We make sure our content reflects your values, credibility, trustworthiness, and your expertise to your potential clients. Our content writers write optimized SEO content that boosts the sales of your lawn care business.

Next Door Advertising

Aeromarketing uses Nextdoor to give more reasonable marketing options to small and medium gardening businesses, so you are the first service that will be available in your area. When you advertise on Nextdoor, we guarantee that your lawn care business ad will reach local lawn owners and people who are only a short drive away from your business.


Aeromarketing produces high-performance custom landing pages for your SEO and PPC campaigns. We have developed many custom landing pages for different businesses belonging to different niches. We understand your industry, research your competitors, and craft a landing page with an engaging design, SEO friendliness, and a strong call that resonates with your target audience.

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Interesting Facts about lawn care industry

The lawn care business is an extremely rewarding profession. Below some facts are given that will change your view on lawn care as a business.

  • The landscaping industry is growing. Over the past few years, the industry has grown at a rate of 2.5% per year. Looking to the future, the landscaping services sector is expected to keep growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% per year.
  • Landscaping services represented a market valued at approximately 105.4 billion U.S. dollars in the United States in 2021. The value of this market was expected to increase to over 114 billion U.S. dollars in the following year.
  • California had the most landscaping companies in the top 100 earners in 2019, followed by Texas, Illinois, and Florida.
  • The top 100 landscaping companies earned a combined revenue of $10 billion in 2018.
  • There are over 1.1 million people employed in the landscaping services industry in 2021.
  •  Of all the occupations in the Administration, Business Support, and Waste Management Services sector, landscaping and grounds maintenance is the third largest.
  • The landscaping industry has low market share concentration — meaning that no landscaping company owns more than 5% market share.
  • Landscaping for commercial properties is responsible for about 50% of the entire industry’s revenue.
digital marketing for lawn care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a business on multiple digital platforms on the internet. Which includes SEO, PPC- Pay per click Advertisement (google/bing), social media Management and Ads (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter), and Email Marketing

It’s a Strategic marketing plan to reach, engage, and retain customers online with the brand. A good Digital Marketing plan comprises an in-depth analysis of your targeted customer and personas and a digital platform that focuses on the customer that spends time online. A good strategy has 2 ingredients, Paid and Organic, combination of both plays a vital role in making a successful marketing strategy. And then last not least, DATA, which is measured and analyzed with the help of data analytic tools (google analytics and etc) which helps to monitor and optimize your advertising and help measure your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to measure the success of your business goals.

In order to develop and grow a business, an investment in digital marketing is essential and cannot be ignored.
Our mission is to ensure the business grows and generates high profits. When partnering with a good digital agency and budgeting the campaign, there are two factors.

  1. Media Publishers Budget such as Google and Facebook, Ads help to increase traffic, visibility and pushes the targeted customer to take action but there is cost associated with that, and that amount directly goes to the media publishers and doesn’t touches our hands, business/personal credit card is charged which is attach to the platform.
  2. Fee for handling the Digital marketing campaign? Some agencies charge parentage of the budget and some charge fixed flat rates.

At Aero Marketing our aim is to provide Exceptional and best digital marketing services to our customers which helps them to grow, hence we work on a Flat rate model, this not only gives our esteem customers competitive value pricing but also is the best way to accomplish business goals.

Digital Marketing agencies have a customized strategy for every type of project. Creative design, Branding, social media services (Facebook, Pinterest Instagram, LinkedIn) PPC advertisement, Search engine optimization, website development, and designing are the services offered by the Digital marketing agencies and animated videos. The thumb rule is, that any good digital marketing agency will come up with a tailor-made customized strategy for the business and then execute that strategy on the Digital platform for business growth. Thus digital marketing agencies plays a vital role in boosting business growth by spending less.
At Aero Marketing, we ensure to come up with a custom plan that suits your business needs as every business is different and special, this not only helps us to focus more but also helps the business goals in a timely manner.

Our team will engage in the purpose of sowing the seed of ‘imperial’ business to cultivate it through the best reputation of your business in your customers though, it is a long term process but the nurturing phase of the business has to be very conscious and proactive.
Following are the benefits that you will get from choosing Aero Marketing as your success Partner:

  • Google and Hub spot Certified Experts
  • Tailored Marketing strategy
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • In-house Certified advertising Experts
  • Copywriting and content Experts
  • In-house designing team
  • The best Web development team
  • In-house SEO experts
  • Tracking your return on investment
  • Performance and analysis results for the month