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I bet you’ve read or heard this sentence thousands of times. Indeed it is, but social media marketing must be done right.
Social media marketing improves the perception of your brand and consequently builds customer loyalty.
Through continuous social media marketing work, you increase the number of possible customers. Another positive factor of social network management lies in listening to customers/users through more immediate channels: positive or negative feedback on your products or your Business can help you know your strengths and the sides of your company that can be improved.
The management of Social Networks is not easy, though. Transforming “likes” into customers and customers into likes is a practice that requires time and professionalism.

Why Should You Need It?

Did You Know?

  • There are 4.48Billion active Social Media Users and Facebook alone
    has 2.73Billion users.
  • More Than 18.2% of US adult
    population made purchase through Facebook in 2020
    and 11.1% through Instagram.
  • More Than 79.8% user access Facebook on mobile phone.
  • Between age 25-34 is the top Facebook’s Audience.
  • 90% of Instagram‘s active user are less than 35yrs old.
  • Facebook’s Ad audience is 2.14Billion.
  • Alone US & Canada contributes 47% to Facebook’s Revenue.
  • 49% Users Visits Website Through Instagram.


A Tailor-made Social Marketing Team for Your Company

Managing a Page or a Company Profile on a Social Network is not a simple operation: to transform a follower into a customer, alike into a conversion or a business opportunity, experience and careful and precise planning flow from the analysis of competitors to the assessment of the strengths (and weaknesses) of the company, sentiment, and interaction analysis.
Our Social Media Marketing Team will take care of the Social Network Management of your Business, your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn Company Profile for you, starting from the strategy to the editorial plan and providing complete monitoring and updating service in real.

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